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Tips To Keep Your Home Feeling Cozy


by Ashley Phipps

Summer is nearing an end and the warm days are quickly giving way to chilly fall days.  And not long after chilly fall days, we will be into the dead of winter when it is cold, windy, snowy and icy. When winter hits I want nothing more than to stay all snuggled up in my nice warm home feeling cozy and content with life.  So I wanted to share a few tips to keep your home feeling cozy so that you can truly make your home a sanctuary this fall and winter season.


All the Blankets

It is important to have a stash of warm and soft blankets in your home for when temperatures drop.  No matter how hard I try, I am always cold.  Always.  But having a blanket to put over my lap while I work or to snuggle under while I am watching tv, is a great way to add warm to your home and your body when the temperatures begin to dip.  But having blankets on display in your home also adds a nice cozy touch.


Hot Cocoa Stand

Let’s just stop the charade.  When it is cold, we reach for warm beverages.  I choose hot cocoa but I have many friends who can’t live without their warm coffee or their hot tea.  So instead of having to bring out all of your items to make hot cocoa, coffee or tea every time, create a little hot cocoa stand or a coffee or tea station in your home so that you can quickly and easily warm up.  There are so many cute mugs now that this can really be a cute way to add warm decor to your home too.

Warm Up Your Walls

Cool colored walls will make you feel cooler while warm colored walls will make you feel…you guessed it…warmer!  I love gray walls but when the cold winter months hit, you better believe I will be considering painting them a warmer color to help us all feel a little more cozy this time of year.  Tans, warm beige, red, orange or even yellow are all colors that you can consider painting your walls to add a bit of comfort to your home.  You can also consider adding texture to your walls with tile or wallpaper.


Layer Layer Layer

Making your home cozy is easy if you remember to layer layer layer!  Add layers and layers of pillows on your couch, use several blankets instead of just one on your bed.  Look for items with unique texture or rich color and your home will feel just a bit more cozy.


Add a Rug

Cold floors mean cold feet and cold feet are the worst!  Add both visual and physical warmth to your home by adding a cut and bound rug from Mohawk!  I am particularly in love with Soft Breeze I in Arbor Bloom right now!